Deep cuts

Nomen est omen

Of Soul? Of Man? Of God?

There is many of possible alternatives for the above. Although within constant questioning of his own participation in artistic creation, Roman Kissiov is aware of invisible filaments or supernatural which leads him. What we are talking about?

We will not yet answer on this question, because in front of us are (still, sic!) untranslated signs, messages from his works. Unknown language? Secret omens? Strange rituals?

Meetings of living traces and missing hopes? Departing of living thoughts missing desires. Not only of the author.

As he stoppes, pressed the brush in… cut the thought, not just of his own. Decanting it into the the canvas that portray… yes, that portray the possible visions.

Let us get back to these guidelines of filaments. Deep cuts of the soul lead men towards the supernatural. God. Whatever and however we understood the possibility of the existence (or not) even the author himself , as might seems that he uses mysterious signs, languages (rituals?) decants an alternative of suggestions into the possible answers. Again, how?

And, of course, we will leave taside again, just for a moment, methodological, the essential question of HOW and to deal with the existence. Of that supernatural. Not asking for an explanation. Just the understanding. It is within us.

How to see it, feel it… and finally, understand it?

Through the perspicuity. Of Deep cut. Roman’s.

Sabahudin Hadžialić

January 2013
(DIOGEN, pro culture magazine, Year IV, No 30, Jan. 2013. Küsnacht, Switzerland, and Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The whole issue of the magazine is devoted to the art of Roman Kissiov.)

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