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The connection between fine arts and the poetry of Roman Kissiov

In the Fine Arts (painting, drawing, illustration and book design) the changes with me are connected to the gradual passing from the more realistic to the more expressed by signs, symbolic image… But I never get to the abstraction with this symbolism, I still remain with the figurative, though more associative and cleared up imagery. The direction is as follows: in plastic plan I seek the combination of grandeur, by means of more summarized forms and structure of the material, lyricism, intimacy, through nuanced monochromaticity or emotional expressivity; and semantically speaking, the main challenge for me is sacredness… Passing through a clearly expressed metaphysical time period in painting from the last years of my studies in the Academy and a little after that, my aspiration for years on end has been that my pictures and my paintings should exert impact as modern icons, which on the one hand should forward to ancient iconographic traditions, and on the other hand – that they should have their own plastic language which is contemporary and adequate to today’s day, without being commercial.

The changes in my poetry were made into the direction from the existential to the spiritual, from the dramatic-paradoxical to the contemplative and the sacral. (…)

Those were parallel worlds for me then – when I dealt with poetry, painting fell back in total and vice versa… Only several years later these „worlds” appeased and got together, started mutually to supplement each other in their capacity of various manifestations of a Whole. (…)

Creative work and the act of creation is a mystery… Evidently, both of them were input in me but to get to poetry I had to go along a longer way. And the connection between these two kinds of art in my case is me myself… and – naturally – the One Who Hands Out the Talents and Inspires. (…)

If a person, who looks at my pictures, knows my poetry, it, naturally, will help him a lot, there will be another “key” for opening the door to my spiritual world and to the interpretation of my pictures. And yet, everyone „sees” things in a different manner, according to what he carries within himself…
If a person reading my poetry also knows my fine art, it, of course, will help him a lot, there will be another “key” for opening the door to my spiritual world and to the interpretation of my poems. But everyone „sees/reads” in a different manner depending on what he carries within himself.

Roman Kissiov

(From a poll of Ivo Pecov with Roman Kissiov from the article “The Connection between the fine arts and the poetry of Roman Kissiov as supplement to the perception of broader creativity” in 2014.)

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